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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  April 14, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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less than a year that a u.s. christian activist has been detained by north korea. former president jimmy carter may try to win his release when he visits north korea later this month. we're learning new information about that family tragedy that took place in upstate new york. a 10-year-old boy is the only survivor after his mother killed her other three children and herself. >> and this morning, we're hearing from a firefighter who spoke to the child just moments after the murder-suicide. t.j. winick is joining us now from new york. hi, t.j. >> good morning, rob and peggy. we learned more on wednesday, but really no matter how much we learn about this tragedy, can we really truly understand? >> is there something that i could have done, that we could have done to have prevent that? >> reporter: mostly questions and precious few answers after 25-year-old le chandra armstrong drove her minivan into the hudson river with her four children on board. flowers were left at the boat ramp in new berg new york for
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the 5 and 2-year-old boys who died as well as an 11-month-old baby girl. >> i loved them to death. i didn't want nothing like this to happen. >> reporter: only 10-year-old leshaun armstrong sursprooichd he escaped through a window and swam to shore. the boy nmade it to a nearby fie station wheree pleaded for help. >> he was in a state of shock. disbelief. he was really nervous. and he just stated that she was in the water. >> reporter: rescue crews eventually found the vehicle 25 feet from shore, but it was too late. police suspect armstrong was distraught over an thaurmt she had with the children's father john pierre before driving to the river. says armstrong might actually have thought she was doing what was best. >> through her depressed eyes, she loves this child and would not leave them alone motherless in this cruel world. >> authorities say their search for the minivan was half orered by tuesday night's dark, rainy weather as well as the murky
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weather. turns out the minivan was just eight feet below the surface. rob and peggy. in other news now, been another conviction resulting from the justice department's investigation of the police department in new orleans. officer melvin williams was found guilty of beating a 48-year-old handyman to death. a fellow officer was convicted trying to cover up the crime. at least 20 current and former new orleans cops have been charged as a result of several ongoing investigationses. a father in tampa is in trouble of what he did or did not do when his son was fighting another boy. as phillip struthers' 16-year-old son was taking on another boy, the father was cheering him on. struthers can be heard yelling "punch his eyes out" and calling for more violence but when the video hit the internet police arrested struthers and charnd him with child abuse. california college students are protesting the budget cuts to the state university system. there were protests yesterday at all 23 california state university campuses. at least 10,000 students and
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supporters took part. the students fear the budget cuts could lead to higher tuition, bigger classes, and ultimately smaller enrollment. the stage is set for a showdown on spending in washington, now that president obama has laid out his plan to cut federal red ink. jake tapper has the details from washington. >> reporter: what does all of this out-of-control government borrowing mean for you? it means eventually because of all of the interest on the debt, the government will stop to be able to pay for programs like medicare, schools, law enforcement, highways, bridges, food programs for the poor. >> off. things that the government does for us, it will have to do a lot less of, our lives will be significantly diminished. >> reporter: president obama outlined his plan to reduce the deficit and big battle lines have emerged. the president wants to raise $1 nhl new revenues by letting the bush tax cuts on higher income americans expire next year. >> it's a basic reflection of our belief that those who benefited most from our way of life can afford to give back a
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little bit more. >> reporter: republicans call that a nonstarter h. >> if we're going to resolve our differences and do something meaningful raising taxes will not be part of that. >> reporter: another big battle to come. wants $5 billion in health care savings for medicare and medicaid by negotiating for lower drug prices, among are steps. the republican proposal to replace medicare with a system that helps seniors buy private insurance. >> put simply it ends medicare as we know it. that's not right. it's not going to happen as long as i'm president. >> reporter: the president charged republicans were deprived 50 million vulnerable americans of health insurance. >> they are somebody's grandparents, maybe one of yours. some are middle-class families who have children with autism or down syndrome radio and about a year ago, president obama told republicans that they would never be able to do anything about the debt or entitlement spending if every time one side introduced a plan to do something, the other side said,
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oh, they're just trying to hurt senior citizens but white house insisted president obama did not do that. he was merely telling the truth about the republican proposal. jake tapper, abc news, the white house. >> president obama's financial issues will be a topic of discussion during his 101 interview with george stephanopoulos see on "world news" and "nightline" and "good morning america." if you have a question for the president send to our website at well, we all understand that when the subject is dead and taxes and spending, all of that can be a little dry, borg some may call it, apparently vice president biden agrees. that is the vice president, mr. obama's speech yesterday. >> we don't know for sure if he was really asleep but we know that the treasury secretary timothy geithner wasn't doing anything to really correct the situation. >> how about the lady behind him, right. former senator rick santorum is taking the first step towards a run for the white house. the pennsylvania conservative has formed a fund-raising committee. he says he would like to see if
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the money is there for a bid for a republican presidential nomination. he's been making frequent trips to new hampshire, iowa, and south carolina. all early nominating states. >> here we go. >> here we go. let's take a look at your weather now. stormy again today in the pacific northwest over onto denver. a chance of severe storms from kansas city down to oklahoma. mild weather in the northeast. and warm along the gulf coast. a mix of sun and clouds in orlando. >> just 51 in seattle. portland and salt lake city, 50 in billings and colorado springs. 66 in albuquerque. 71 in l.a. and kansas city. 53 detroit. 60 in beantown. 68 in baltimore. >> and now onto baby making three at the lake superior zoo in duluth minnesota. >> was born there april fools' day. visitors to the video's primate center can see the baby riding on his mam's back. >> that's so cute. they're native to madagascar and they're considered a near threatened species.
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and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan. you'll get this free information kit... as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts # medicare, call this toll-free number now. see the clouds over times square. got reasonable weather. now for a closer look at america's love affair with vitamins. a recent study shows more than half of us take some kind of vitamin or supplement. >> which got us thinking, just how beneficial are these pills, or are they beneficial at all? sharyn alfonsi has the story. >> reporter: is fighting breast
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cancer and wondering if supplements should still be part of her daily routine. >> do they make you feel better. >> yeah, i've been taking them for years and part of it is a calcium supplement. >> reporter: more than half of all americans, sick or healthy, now take at least one supplement. >> i take b, c, b. >> i take fish oils and i take a multiple. >> the only thing i ever take are multivitamins. >> reporter: and while most swear by them we reached out to more than a dozen doctors around the country for their thoughts. asking, does a dietary supplement always improve health? most of the doctors we spoke to said, no. >> take a dietary supplement may improve health in some cases, but not very many. some dietary supplements are beneficial. a few are harmful. and most don't make a lot of difference. >> reporter: so what are some the supplements that do make a difference? the doctors say, evidence shows folic acid can help prevent birth defects, calcium and vitamin d improve bone health, and how do they feel with a
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multivitamin? the most of our doctors said, save your money. >> not much evidence at all for taking a multivitamin. people take it for insurance purposes. but taking a multivitamin does not make up for a bad diet. >> reporter: and what about claims that taking some supplements can actually put you at risk? they could. for example, our doctor said taking a red yeast supplement with a cholesterol drug could increase the risk of kidney or liver damage. they say st. john's wort can lower the effectiveness of oral contraceptives. worried how her mom's cancer medication is mixing in with her supplements. >> we don't know what's in all of these. >> i would bring the whole package. don't just bring in the name but bring the actual bottle. >> reporter: and that's what doctors tell us. if you have any questions about your supplements, physically take bottle into the doctor's office and ask them. it's the only way that you can be sure. sharyn alfonsi, abc news. >> you think that you're doing
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something healthy. >> something that's good for you, and this study, sponsored by the cdc, very reliable but a big busy, make a lot of money. $26 billion for supplements. >> that's insane. >> all cash. >> and multivitamins are the most popular. i take them. you think that you're doing something healthy. oh no. when we come back justin bieber's sour note in the mideast. >> why his tour to israel was not scheduled as plan.
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welcome back, everybody. justin bieber has caused plenty of chaos at concerts and malls around the country, and now, though, he's caused an international incident.
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>> the teen heartthrob is in israel on tour and was going to meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu, well the meeting was canceled. causing quite the stir. here is alex. >> reporter: it was meant to be easy. see the sights, play a show and head to the next tour stop. like everywhere, bieber fever greeted just nin israel. along with ultra aggressive paparazzi but unlike elsewhere, this region's complexed political issues have made the teenager's visit a headache. prime minister benjamin netanyahu's office says bieber's camp asked for a meeting. netanyahu wanted to bring along children from an area recently attacked by rockets from the palestinian gaza strip. to do something nice for kids who have had a difficult time. unfortunately it proved impossible. a spokesman told abc news. israeli media said the meeting was called off because bieber didn't want to meet with the kids.
2:51 am
bieber's spokesman denied a meeting was ever in the cards. the singer tweeted, "whether it's paparazzi or being pulled into politics it's been frustrating. "because of all of the attention, bieber says he'll stay inside of his hotel here until his concert tomorrow night and the young fans who've been here all day, every day say they're disappointed the trip has teen a political tone instead of just being about the music. >> because there's two sides. the hamas and the israeli and as a singer, doesn't need to be between those parts. he's a 17-year-old boy. he shouldn't be a part of it. >> reporter: the bieber episode won't affect foreign relations, but it's a strong reminder of the sensitive mind field that one must navigate when coming to the holy land. alex, abc news, tel aviv. >> do you like his new haircut? maybe that's causing all of the uproar. >> he's dreaming no matter what his hair looks like, he did tweet, though, he said i'm just as excited at this point to get
2:52 am
on stage and. . will take a little break from -- >> come on. >> dear, lord. oh my lord. >> i think that you should go for it, come on. >> that's the saddest thing that i have ever seen in my whole life.
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>> announcer: "world news now" delivers your morning papers. well, this whole world of 3-d movie craze, you knew this had to happen at some point. >> i didn't actually think of it but apparently some others did. >> really? >> yeah. >> did in hong kong and the world's first 3-d erotic film. it premiered in hong kong. >> let's go to the clip. >> yes, please. please, gather the children up. the first 3-d erotic film. debuted in one of hong kong's busiest entertainment districts on tuesday night. it is called 3-d sex taken sounds very sutle. >> what. >> a very subtle title. nearly sold out in early screenings there and in hong kong, something like mc-17 all
2:56 am
of this year. >> and the stars, right? >> these are the stars which are conservative by american standards, i think. not everything is hanging out. >> right, right. >> but in hong kong it's been rated af a category 3, which means anyone under 18 cannot see but 3-d erotic films. good luck with that. >> from that rating -- >> yeah, yes. >> to g-rating let's talk about some peeps. the easter candy peeps thing. something that the "washington post" does. basically it's creating these diaramas. these little things with the peeps. >> the easter candies, yeah. >> take a look at some of the most popular submissions that people went in and entered. in is the chilean miners. a big event this year. >> look at this. >> isn't that cool? how about a good old peep tsa pat-down? >> a peep in that tube, yeah. >> the tube peep tsa pat-down and especially in light of the news as of late, there you go. >> i bet that takes some time. >> it does, people put a lot of effort into this but you know,
2:57 am
people love it. and this is a factory. a peep factory. and you know people love peeps especially this time of the year. >> they are good. >> they are. pieces of nutrition. >> loaded in sugar. they're delicious. and all seen this video now with the czech president, who was like, trying to steal the pen. >> i feel bad for the guy. >> he got busted. well, of course, now you saw this one coming and now a facebook campaign and now calling on 5,000 shaikhs have joined this page to nail the president some pens or any kind of writing utensil because obviously doesn't have a pencil of his own, so 5,000 people have already signed up so far and they want you to send him a pen or pencil on may the 2nd, so he has smog write with. 5,000 folks with it. >> i love how subtle. and then he folds his coat like no one was looking. last but not least get to this really quick. take a look at this quarterback from iowa. he's just 12 years old but he'll be a quarterback. watch this, and boom blows the guy in the head. >> there you go. >> look, great shot here, too. hit that thing, bam.
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youtube sensation. look at that. youtube sensation. look at that. >> see him on the nfleled. ♪ [male announcer] for america's wounded warriors, sometimes coming home can be a battle in itself. [crowd cheers] the uso provides eve american a way y to support our wounded warriors and their families. join us. visit to learn how you can make a difference in their lives. what? it's good to be back. the uso. until every one comes home.
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this morning on "world news now," trouble in the tower. another air traffic controller falls asleep on the job. >> and this time the controller's nap delayed a sick passenger in flight. it's thursday, april 14th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm peggy bunker. the transportation secretary says, enough is enough when it comes to sleeping air traffic controllers. so immediate changes went into effect last night. we'll tell you about those changes, but these stories seem on keep rolling in. >> a horrible string of stories in the airline industry, wow. also ahead in this half hour. another controversy here, nba
3:01 am
star kobe bryant now faces a huge fine after his anti-gay slur on the basketball court. the league's uproar, and now kobe's explanation. >> looking ford hearing that one. also coming up kate middleton's huge impact on the fashion industry. her amazing ability to set trends. just like lady di, as the world watches what she wears. but first, there are even more questions this morning about passengers' safety, every three more air traffic controllers were found sleeping on the job. >> the government has added a second controller on the overnight shifts starting last night. nearly 30 airports around the country, diana alvear joins us with details on one of the incidents that triggered the change. good morning, diana. >> rob and peggy, good morning. you know you'd be forgiven for thinking twice about boarding a plane these days. now that there's been another incident of an air traffic controller following asleep on the job. >> reporter: a small plane carrying a sick patient tries to land at reno airport. but air traffic control tower is awol. >> get ahold of the tower mere.
3:02 am
>> reporter: minutes pass, still no answer. >> we may just have to land whether we have clearance or not. >> reporter: the aircraft landed with no guidance from the tower. it turns out, the lone air traffic control or duty was sleeping. it's the latest in a series of similar incidents. in march a controller at d.c.'s reagan national airport nodded off in his fourth overnight snift a row. in february a controller in tennessee, didn't just fall asleep, he'd made a bed out of pillows on the floor. >> this is just outrageous behavior that will not be tolerated by the secretary of transportation. >> reporter: wednesday the faa announced, effective immediately, they will place an additional air traffic control or the midnight shift at 27 control towerings around the country. currently staffed with only one controller. interestingly enough, the day after the d.c. reagan incident, it turns out the reno airport added a second controller to their overnight shift, but the faa ordered them to go back to a
3:03 am
single controller because they were reviewing their staffing. rob, peggy. >> and we've also learned that two controllers at the airport in lubbock, texas, were suspended last month after a controller in foerpt worth repeatedly tried and failed to reach them to hand off control of an inbound aircraft. and a controller in seattle was also suspended for similar reasons. scary for off. folks out there flying these days. >> sure, you're wondering if you're landing in middle of the night. is anybody actually helping you get back on the ground? lawmakers on capitol hill are now expected to vote today on that 11th-hour deal reached last week to avoid a government shutdown. >> and now president obama has set the stage for a showdown over spending for the next budget year. john hendren is joining us. to slash the devin sit. john. >> good morning, rob and peggy. in strikingly strong language president obama outlined his plan for curbing the nation's debt and in contrast of the republican plan could have not been starker. it had the combative ring of a
3:04 am
campaign speech. >> we'll all need to make sacrifices. but we do not are have to sacrifice in the america that we believe in, and as long as i'm president we won't. >> reporter: the president's critics call a budget redo. two month after offering his plan for his budget the president offered a plan to cut the deficit. >> all of things that the government does for us, it will have to do a lot less of. our lives will be significantly diminished. >> reporter: the president's plan includes keeping domestic spending low. cutting the pentagon budget by $400 billion. finding savings in medicare and medicaid that are so far unlargely specspied and tax reform including boosting taxes on the wealthy. >> those who benefited most from our way of life can afford to give back a little bit more. >> reporter: it was short on specifics, long on the failures of the rival republican plan, which he attacked again and again. >> put simply, it ends medicare as we know it. in's nothing serious or courageous about in plan. >> reporter: republicans gave the president's plan an instant thumbs down.
3:05 am
>> and i missed lunch for this. >> what we got was a speech that was excessively partisan, dramatically inaccurate, and hopelessly inadequate to addressing our country's pressing fiscal challenges. >> reporter: house budget chairman paul ryan wrote the rival republican plan, it would cut $6.2 trillion over 12 years, and extend the bush tax cuts for the wealthy. and as ryan watched from the front row, president obama said he would refuse to renew them again. rob and peggy. >> all right, thanks, john. well, you will hear more from president obama later today. george stephanopoulos sits down for a one-on-one interview with the commander in chief. you'll see that on "world news," "nightline" and also "good morning america." well, president obama had an attentive audience at his speech but remember is more attentive than,s. check out vice president biden sitting right there next to
3:06 am
treasury secretary timothy geithner. we were not sure if he was asleep or concentrating on his boss' words. we may never know. the woman into the back doesn't look to into it either. >> at least she's blinking though. >> that's true. >> she looks conscious. barry bonds wakes up this morning as well, still baseball's home run king but also a convicted felon. bonds was convicted of obstructing justice yesterday but a jury deadlocked on three other counts involving charges that he lied when he knowingly denied using steroids. now federal guidelines call for at least 15 months in prison for the obstruction charge. everybody will be back in court for a hearing on may 20th. l.a. lakers star kobe bryant is $100,000 lighter in the wallet this morning after being fined by the nba. he was slapped with that fine after being caught on camera using a gay slur tuesday night. kabc's john harding reportings now from l.a. >> reporter: it started with an offensive foul that told a verbal foul that was simply offensi offensive. kobe bryant went to the lakers bench late in the third quarter after picking up a technical
3:07 am
foul. visibly upset with referee bennie adams, bryant then directed a gay slur at him. david perlman of the human rights campaign says kobe's comments are unacceptable. >> what he said was very offensive. what he says is the type of thing that foaments hate and discrimination and it also teaches people that it's okay when they see someone they idolize like kobe bryant say something like. >> reporter: that. >> reporter: bryant was on the mason and ireland show on 710 espn and said that his comment was made in the heat of the moment and wasn't meant to be taken literally. >> the concern that i have is for those that follow what i say and are inspierpd by how i play or look to me as a role model, behavior it is, and then not to take what was said as something that as a message of hate, a license to degrade or embarrass or tease. >> reporter: bryant was fined $100,000 by the nba. commissioner david stern issued this statement. saying, quote, kobe bryant's
3:08 am
comment during last night's game was offensive and inexcusable. while i'm fully aware that basketball is an emotional game, such a distasteful term should never be tolerated, end quote. outside staples center, lakers fans reacted to kobe's on court comments. >> kobe reacted in the heat of the moment and with the camera work, you know they probably say things like that all the time and the camera happened to get on his mouth right when he said that. >> they shouldn't mouth off obscenities or vulgaryities and even if it's in the heat of battle and you know, there's no -- there's no place nar in sports. >> that's right, that was john hartime report anxiety kobe says that he's going to meet with some gay rights groups and got that $100,000 fine and some people say will he even feel that. >> and he personally called the president of human rights campaign to apologize. we'll see what happens. the weather now, stormy in the pacific northwest and the dakotas. severe storms in the nation's
3:09 am
midsection. mild, though in the northeast. with some leftover rain this morning in new england. it'll be pretty warm in the southeast. >> 51 degrees in seattle. portland and salt lake city. 48 in minneapolis. 55 in chicago. and 53 in detroit. 66 in albuquerque. 60 in boston. 67 in new york. >> yes! >> 71 degrees in los angeles. 79 in atlanta. 81 in both dallas and new orleans. well, high gas prices got you down, well listen to this story. for 90 minutes yesterday, gasoline in richmond, virginia, service station was free. >> i love it. >> free. the line, as you can imagine, stretched down the block and back again. >> all right, at least one motorist tried to coast in on fumes and had to be pushed into the gas station, who hasn't done that? a limited 15 gallons for the proplosion and at current prices in the area well that was worth more than 50 bucks and after an hour and a half the price went back to normal. everybody had to put out the pocketbook. >> the average in virginia right now is $3.72 so that's a nice savings and i don't blame those folks if lining up.
3:10 am
>> we'll be right back, everyone. [ male announcer ] go beyond the brush
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earlier this week we told you about a toddler who was served alcohol at an applebee's in michigan. >> yeah, one sort of deal, shockingly it's not and now we've learned that a 2-year-old was served alcohol in lakeland, florida. here is rebecca from our affiliate wft. >> what's that one? >> i just told you yesterday. >> reporter: you just told me yesterday? >> reporter: he is your average hyper 2-year-old. so jill says she didn't suspect anything was wrong when he started acting up during dinner at olive garden along u.s. 98 in lincoln a couple of week ago. >> and i kind of started to tell him, well you will get -- you can't be loud. we're at a restaurant. trying to tell him how a good
3:15 am
2-year-old should act. >> reporter: jill said that niko only grew more restless climbing over the furniture and getting louder. >> i couldn't discipline him because he wasn't acting up. he was drunk. >> reporter: jill said she realized that after the waiter and restaurant manager came to the table. and explained instead of orange juice they poured tropical sangria which contains white wine into niko's cup. she niko to the e.r. where he was checked out. >> it took him a while to get a blood drawn from him. it took a while to get an i.v. in. >> reporter: and this pregnant mom said she was horrified to explain how her toddler injechted alcohol. she decided to tell her story when she was heard about the michigan toddler who was served alcohol at an applebee's restaurant. she said there is no excuse for what happened at olive garden. >> how disorganized can your bar
3:16 am
be that you serve something with alcohol to a child in a cup with a lid, nonetheless, and not recognize it for half an hour? >> olive garden did apologize. they took responsibility and said employee didn't follow proper procedures. >> an ambitious product. don't miss it. good story coming up.
3:17 am
♪ ♪ it's time to rock around ♪ ♪ to rock on time >> sorry in the moment. how is this for taking on more than you can chew? a man here in new york is cataloging every single hip-hop and rap song since 1979. >> and make telling all searchable like yahoo!.
3:18 am
it sounds luke a lot and daniel sieberg wants to check out the man. >> reporter: the lere nix hip-hop music often tell a story. sometimes they're controversial, sometimes they're non sesensica. hip-hop lyrics have become his digital life. with the hip-hop word count. where did the idea for hip-hop word count come from? >> i was sitting in my car and a song came on the radio and i was talking to a friend of mine and the song was -- it was a popular song and the song was so simple and i said to a friend of mine, you believe i think that modern commercial hip-hop is making it even stupidder. there's no meda formetaphor. if is what? and it was a great song but in terms of the language i wanted to prove that or disprove that. >> reporter: and so began his quest to create a searchable database of hip-hop and rap lyrics dating back to 1979. by combing through countless websites for lyrics and sorting
3:19 am
it. his program also compares how smart a song is based on things like syllable count and word size. and the database could eventually be crossreferenced with other cultural reference of the time. >> right now it is about 40,000 songs. lyrics from 40,000 songs. about 5,000 albums and about 2,500 artists. >> believe it or not when i was in high school i was into public enemy, for example. i mean, do you look at their lyrics, for example, and compare that to today with other artists and see a difference? >> i haven't done that search yet but that's the type of things that can be done. right now i'm focused on making sure the tool is finished. and give it that correct results but i did a search for the word "champagne" and i tracked that throughout the country from 1979 to current date. >> reporter: for example, hip hill could trails the ufts word champagne back to new york, next used in los angeles and later in
3:20 am
miami. before it appeared all over the country. >> i've learned a lot because it's caused disciplinary. i've had to learn sociology. php. programming language and i can speak to my collaborators. >> reporter: his project got a big boost from an art committee in new york called ibeam nurtures and supports innovative thinkers like hemphill. >> is technology in nonprofit. so i was awarded a residency last year. i was able to work on the project full-time for 12 months straight. i would say the main resource ibeam are the people and the brain trust. so if you have a question and you're like working on something, you're stuck, you just shout down or send an e-mail like you will get back dozensf replies or answers. >> reporter: the hip-hop word count will go public this fall. and hemphill hopes everyone from academics to music lovers will take notice and maybe even learn something. for now it's becoming hard for
3:21 am
him to separate his passion from his work. has this project changed your music tastes at all? have you discovered some music you hadn't heard of before? some artists you didn't know? i mean, you come away with this thinking you're more of an expert in hip-hop than you were before? >> an expert hip-hop like rainman. hopefully not rain man but it's really interesting because i've been -- i've been reading a lot of hip-hop. i've been reading the lyrics. i haven't been listening to them but i'm not sure if that's the original way that the artist meant for their -- for their raps to be experienced but i think it's -- it's interesting for me to read it. >> reporter: yes the hip-hop word has become something of a labor of love for him. but he's determined to see it through. he's even been consulting with hip-hop artists to get their help and he hopes to release an app along with the website later this year. rob and peggy back to you. >> and we have a favorite, a song that we talked about this
3:22 am
morning. >> we were going crazy. pick a favorite, do we have it there ♪ it's right in time ♪ >> there you go. >> don't make me dance. >> get it down. and do a little -- you have to get into it, girl. you go next if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible ith a hoveround., tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor rand founder of hoveround., when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free overound information kit, that includes a video and full color brochure. dennis celorie: "it's by far the best chair i've ever owned."
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♪ welcome back,ef. well, finally this half hour, from the moment that prince william and kate middleton announced their engagement, america fell love with their fairy tale love story. >> and also fell in love with that gorgeous blue dress that kate wore on the day, now the dress has started another marriage, you could say, when the princess-to-be and britain's fashion industry, here is the bbc's will gobberts. >> reporter: the engagement of
3:26 am
prince william to kate middleton. the moment that she became internationally famous and so did her dress. a demure design in number. a copy of which quickly became a high street hit. her taste is clearly going to be influential, so how is shegog play it? >> i think that she's probably going to take more of a low-key approach which i think, you know, to start off in her position is a very wise decision. so you know, she doesn't really need to do anything. all ice are going to be on her anyway. >> reporter: they already are. the front cover is devoted to kate's clothes might seem trivial to some but not to the british fashion industry, it thinks her choices will make a big difference. >> oh, i think a huge impact. i think it's going to be a -- you know, but not just the british fashion industry. i think the world will be look at kate middleton. i don't think that we've got anybody else in the world that can actually have that stature. >> reporter: michelle obama's
3:27 am
satorial selections have given a big boost to the brands she chooses as have kate middleton's. this high street dress was setting up one per minute after she wore it for her official engagement photograph. but her taste for mainstream styles might have to change. >> she will continue to buy products off the rail, as we would say, just by walk around stores, i'm not sure. she may feel the need to work independently and directly with certain designers and certain brands. and the demands of her wardrobe as she works around the world will probably require her to do that if nothing else. >> reporter: kate middleton will need to tread softly when making her designer choices. as the british fashion industry has spread their dreams under her feet. will gomports, bbc news. >> are you a fan of her look? >> i do. she's very classic. >> you like it. >> she's very beautiful. >> tall. >> i think that she'll do amazing work for fashion,
3:28 am
absolutely. by the way the hairstylist for the wed ago. >> there you go. the wed ago. >> there you go. there you go.
3:29 am
[voice of alicia keys] over 1000 babi are born every day with hiv. and half will die before their second birthday. but the plain trutis this can all be prevented. we can reach the goal of no child born with hiv by 2015. go to one dot org. we're not asking for your money we're asking for your voice. go to one dot org and join us today.
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this morning on "world news now," a wake-up call from the faa. another air traffic controller is caught sleeping on the job. >> the latest incident in,led to immediate changes across the country. it's thursday, april 14th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm rob nelson. the latest incident in reno actually delayed a sick passenger from getting medical help. find out how the crew managed to land after repeatedly circling the airport there. >> can you believe it? and also coming up, disturbing home video posted online showing one boy beating another and the father of one of the boys cheering him on.
3:31 am
we'll get the latest on the father's arrest. and later in this half hour, the company that promises to fight the irs on your behalf, now we'll show you why tax masters is under investigation in several states. a very interesting behind-the-scenes look at this company. >> it certainly is and who haven't seen those commercials especially this time of year? every other second it seems like. >> tax day monday. >> yep. but first major new steps to ensure airline passengers' safety. as of right now, every air traffic control city in the company. >> now the immediate change was ordered after yet another incident of a controller asleep at the switch. lisa stark has the details. >> reporter: around 2:00 a.m. in the skies above reno, a pilot carrying a seriously ill patient is trying to land at the airport there. trying to call the tower. no one is answering. >> can't seem on get ahold of the tower here. um, i think i'm going to try and give another call. >> reporter: the pilot then calls the last controller that he spoke to a facility in
3:32 am
sacramento, and they tried to reach the reno tower. >> okay we're going to call them on their phone lines. >> all right we'll circle some more. we just may are to land. >> reporter: the small plane wits sick patient continues to circle and circle the airport. finally the pilot of the lifeguard flight, a designation for urgent medical missions, cannot wait any longer. 16 minutes have gone by. >> we're going to need to land. >> lifeguard, you're tango november roger. at your own risk. >> this kind of outrageous, ridiculous behavior will not be tolerated. >> reporter: the government is ordering two controllers on the midnight shift at each of the 27 facilities that how to have only one controller work overnight. some wonder what took so long. it turns out the reno mishap is the latest in a string of sleepy controllers on the overnight shift. last month at washington's reagan national in february at knoxville airport, earlier in week at boeing field in seattle,
3:33 am
and in lubbock, texas, two weeks ago two controllers failed to answer a radio call. >> this shouldn't know in nevada. it shouldn't happen anywhere in our country. >> reporter: why are all of these controllers falling asleep on the job in one issue may be their uneven schedules. a day shift one day, a night shift the next. >> and there is obvious fatigue implications when you rotate from shift to shift throughout a week or a daily period. >> reporter: the faa says it is reviewing how it staffs and schedules air traffic controllers. next week senior management from the faa and the controllers union will visit air traffic control facilities around the country to reinforce with controllers that they need to be professional and alert on the job. lisa stark, abc news, reagan national airport. >> well, president obama meets today with the co-chairman of the bipartisan fiscal commission that he appointed. meeting comes one day after mr. obama presented his long-term plan to cut deficit by $4
3:34 am
trillion. the president is now recommending a trimming of health care costs and medicare and medicaid. he said any plan will also have to include the elimination of bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy. >> it's a basic reflection of our belief that those who benefited most from our way of life can afford to give back a little bit more. >> all of the things that the government does for us, it will have to do a lot less of. our lives will be significantly diminished. >> the republicans immediately blasted the plan, among the critics was possible presidential candidate newt gingrich. who called the president's budget a big government job killer. and now to that disturbing video that we mentioned in the headlines. the father involved has been arrested for what police are calling a very disgusting incident. rebecca medina reports now from tampa. >> you got it jake, knock him out. >> reporter: philip struthers held nothing back in this video.
3:35 am
they were fighting over a girl. >> poke his eyes out? >> he doesn't shy away there this camera but struthers shied away from ours after bonding out of jail on sfwhoods no comment. >> no comments. >> reporter: the sheriff's office said a neighbor reported the april 9th fight. 41-year-old struthers was arrested. neighborhood kids who know struthers and his son are disturbed by the video. >> he's not being responsible if he's, like, encouraging his son to fight like that. and then putting it all over the internet. >> reporter: and it looks like officials agree. wednesday hillsboro county child protection workers came out for a followup visit as they begin their investigation. and accord to this judge's remarks during his arraignment -- >> you have to be kidding me. >> i can't believe this. >> reporter: one thing is certain, struthers' problems are only just beginning. >> so your relationship with your child is over with. you cannot see, talk, to live
3:36 am
with, or communicate with your minor children. >> reporter: we have also learned that struthers was arrested back in 2005 on a domestic violence charge. he now faces charges of child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. in tampa, rebecca medina, abc news. >> the man charged in last week's explosion at a southern california synagogue will now be returning there to fight the charges. 60-year-old ron hirsh was arrested in ohio on monday night. he's expected to be flown back to california next week where he faces four felony charges. authorities caught up to him after he was spotted in greyhound bus terminals making his way east. former baseball slugger barry bonds is a convicted felon this morning. after being found guilty of obstructing justice. the next time likely to hear anything about the case is five weeks from now when everyone involved will be back in court. kgo's heather ishimaru reports now from san francisco.
3:37 am
>> the united states has saw the and at least for now obtained a verdict which says that it was unlawful for barry bonds to tell the grand jury that he was a celebrity child. >> reporter: the jury voted 8-4 for acquittal on count one, having to do with knowingly taking ster froioids from ex-tr. guilty on ever being injected by anyone other than his doctors and the jury is split 9-3 on count three taking human growth hormone. the jury found him guilty on count five, obstruction of justice for a rambling answer he gave about being a celebrity child when asked if anderson ever gave him anything requiring a syringe. >> counts one, two, and three were the heart of their case. those, counts which had allegations about steroids, allegations about human growth hormone and so forth. we have no verdict on those
3:38 am
counts. >> reporter: bonds defense team stopped short of calling a victory. they will fight the one guilty verdict and the government will have to decide whether to retry on the three deadlocked counts. >> i don't think they'll bother to retry. i think for the prosecution, a conviction on one was as good as a conviction on four. and that's all that they're looking for. >> reporter: prison time is a possible sentence with this conviction but the same judge has only given home detention sentences to other balco defendants found guilty in jury trials. in san francisco, heather ishimaru for "world news now." >> north dakota authorities are thinking about dropping half-ton sandbags into an aging dam to shore it up. all that stands between dozens of homes and the swollen delaxed river and it is eroding, as one official admits the air drop scheme is, quote, a crapshoot. it may do more harm than good to the hard-rocked dam. residents have been told to evacuate. and with that now here's a
3:39 am
look at your weather today. some rain in seattle and snow in the cascades in the northern rockies. high wind warnings in the central rockies. severe storms in the nation's midsection drawing in the southwest. warm along the gulf coast and clearing today in the northeast. >> 49 in fargo. 50 in billings. 48 in minneapolis. 63 in omaha. 71 in kansas city. and 70 in indianapolis. 67 degrees in sacramento. 66 in albuquerque. 82 in phoenix. 81 in dallas and new orleans and a hot 87 in miami. well the elephants at the cleveland zoo are getting some new digs, literally. their new accommodations put the four female pachyderms in a habitat called the african elephant crossing exhibit. the zoo yesterday showed off one of the three outdoor settings in the night range. >> yeah it resembles a giant sandbox with loads of sand for the elephants to play with. enough room for ten elephants, which is good because the zoo plans eight breeding program but elephants use that sand to spray on their backs. it helps to keep the bugs off and keep them insulated.
3:40 am
>> look at you about all up to date on the elephants. >> on five acres, five acres to roam around which isn't much, actually. more "world news now" coming up. babar is about to get busy. ♪ [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil. here's one story. i'm keith baraka and i'm a fire fighter. it's an honor to be a fire fighter. my job involves life or death situations and it's very physically demanding. if i'm sore, i have a headache, i'm not at my best. i've tried store brands. advil just works for me. advil is my go to. it's my number one pain reliever. [ male announcer ] make the switch. take action. take advil.
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welcome back, everybody. monday of course is tax day, everybody's favorite. and if you don't pay your taxes, well the government's going to come after you. >> not that you don't have any experience of that, ever. right you don't want to touch that. a company, though that you've probably seen. it's an ad, it's called tax masters and for an up-front fee they promise to bring down your tax bills but do they keep their word? brian ross investigates. ♪ i close my eyes." >> reporter: when sabrina stephenson of los angeles, a third grade teacher and aspiring
3:44 am
singer got a huge tax bill after an irs audit, she thought she knew exactly who to call. >> i'm patrick cox, founder of tax masters. >> reporter: the former tv commercials featuring tax masters, founder and ceo, patrick cox, saturate the cable news channels with lots of promises for people having trouble with the irs. >> our former irs agents and tax professionals have helped many good people just like you. >> reporter: but left out by cox is one key fact -- that the company is under active investigation for deceptive practices in at least two states. >> they're making outrageous promises, false promises, deception, lies. >> reporter: yet the tax masters' advertising campaign continues. and it's made cox, seen here outside of his houston mansion, a wealthy man. well known for his claims of helping clients take on the irs. >> the tax masters, we help solve your tax problems. >> that's how they get people to pay their money is by saying, we'll solve your tax problems but they don't. >> reporter: like many others, sabrina stephenson paid an
3:45 am
up-front fee, $2,800 in her case. and then she says, was essentially ignored for months. >> i was leaving urgent calls. they weren't returned. i sent urgent e-mails. they weren't returned. >> reporter: until she says someone from tax masters finally called to say, she didn't have a case after all. >> i received not only nothing but i was insulted and betrayed. >> reporter: the minnesota attorney general says tapes of tax masters sales people claiming they can get back due taxes reduced to pennies on the dollar, prove another aspect of the fraud alleged in her civil action. >> you're owing $19,000. i mean we can get you down to basically next to nothing and our job -- and our goal is to get you to zero. we're 97% successful. >> not true. it's another falso for this company. >> reporter: tax masters it says prides itself on honest customer service, but cox declined to be interviewed by abc news about the allegations and customer
3:46 am
complaints. on the day before we told him we'd be in town, we saw cox leaving his mansion with a suitcase and driving away in his pickup truck. in the wake of the investigations, tax masters now says it's modifying some of its fee structures, but the investigations in texas and minnesota are continuing as is the tv ad blitz. fox news and cnn told us they are aware of the investigations but have no current plans to pull the ads which officials say are deceptive. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> and not an isolated problem here. hundreds of folks in both texas and minnesota have filed complaints with the ag's was on there so this is not going away quickly at all. >> no, very, have been interesting story right before tax day of course. coming up serious concerns for catherine zeta-jones while she checked herself into the hospital. >> and steven tyler, your boy, reveals deepest secrets and tells all, that's coming up next in "the skinny." tells all, that' coming up next in "the skinny."
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> okay starting out "the
3:49 am
skinny" a good "skinny" today. a story that i think shocked a lot of people when they first heard about it. we're talking about catherine zeta-jones who turns out a tough year as most people know. her husband michael douglas had cancer and apparently she has bipolar ii disorder and checked herself into a connecticut, a mental health facility. >> wow. >> to get some help with this issue and you might wonder why is it all -- that she's coming out with this, admitting it. in fact, her rep confirmed. this is true. spent five days there last month at a location called silver hill hospital in connecticut. well, "the national enquirer" apparently was going to break the story. they said that they had some multiple sources who said that she was there under an alias which was teri kearney. $1,000 a night spa, stressed out from her husband. in fact bipolar ii triggered by stress. can you really blame her? >> her husband a very serious case. thank god he beat it. that is stress for her and the whole family there. catherine, i think is the most beautiful woman, stunning.
3:50 am
>> hope she's doing better. >> yes. and speaking of beauty, "people" magazine has named its most beautiful with year and it is, that's right, jennifer lopez is this year's most beautiful woman. she actually was featured in the most beautiful issue which they've been doing now for 22 years. she made it in there ten years. finally taking the top honor this year. of course her profile's huge these days, thanks to "american idol." a new album coming out. and she says, women of her generation, like julia roberts, halle berry, jennifer aniston are, quote, redefining what it is a woman who is not in her 20s anymore, still viable, sexy, and important. we have a lot to offer, she says. and there's real beauty in that. >> and you agree with this selection. you think that she's a total babe. >> she is gorgeous, yes. >> and i agree, too. i raise my hands, really? a little oversaturation maybe because of "idol." >> a little bit, a little bit. >> and although this next story doesn't bother me at and all doing with "idol" my man steven tyler. >> she loves him. >> i don't know why.
3:51 am
>> she loves him. >> why do i like this man? he's coming out with his tell-all book and i love this about him even more, what it is called, "does the noise in my head bother you?" he's got extensions, a sharp tooth, what's wrong with me? he will tell-all in this book. he's 63 years old. he's going to dish on all of the past conquests, maybe the issues he's had with the substance problem. >> just a touch. >> i want to invite him up to my house in connecticut for dinner. do you think that he'll come? >> i can see him in connecticut, i think that's his kind of environment, yeah. >> what's his favorite dinner, meatloaf. >> rehab here, good news, we told you a few weeks ago that -- i forget his name, seann william scott, i know him from "american pie." went into rehab, now back out and will be in the "american pie" sequel, he's doing better. congrats to him. >> speaking of sequels guess who is economic the whole cast of the whole new "jersey housewives." >> except that whole staub thing.
3:52 am
she made the drama and the controversy, she's out, huh. >> she wasn't the table flipper. teresa, there she is. >> yeah, she flipped the whole. >> i think it's coming back minus danielle but it'll be real. >> this year "real housewives of connecticut," would do you that? >> that would be a snoozer. >> not in f steven tyler was there. spending too many nights alone at the spacebar. will love ever find me? ♪ oh yes! ♪ what about love?! [ female announcer ] swiffer attracts dust. swiffer 360 dusters gets in hard to reach places. it picks up two times more dust than a feather duster
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tell us what makes you a covergirl on facebook. covergirl. the next generation of easy, breezy, beautiful is you! rockin' it for 50 years! here's some stories to watch today on abc news. secretary of state hillary clinton arrives in berlin this morning to meet with nato leaders. she's discussing the military operation and forcing that no-fly zone in libya. former senator rick santorum is forming a committee to allow him to raise money for a possible presidential run. the pennsylvania conservative is the very latest republican to test out the waters. and the government releases the latest unemployment figures today. employers posted 3 million job openings in february. that's the largest number in 2 1/2 years. and finally this half hour we go to the happiest place on earth. when you think of disney world and orlando, you probably think of a wonderland for kids of all
3:56 am
ages but it's much more. >> it's also the wonderland for the local economy. wftv's steve barrett shows us just how important mickey and the gang are to central florida. ♪ >> reporter: even mickey mouse and his friends cannot sing the praises of disney's economic engine in central florida. local leaders gather for the presentation that got right to the hard numbers. >> i think when you see the numbers, it really impresses you. >> reporter: disney says walt disney world account for 2.5% of florida's gross domestic product. and provides 160,000 jobs in the state. just under half actually employed by disney, the rest outside contractors. >> you know, i'm always really thrilled when results are measured and you can actually see what you anecdotally hear about and the stories that you hear in the community about people that partner with us and who've benefitted from what walt disney world being here. >> reporter: disney says salaries for those workers top $1.8 billion and that park visitors spend another $2
3:57 am
billion at non-disney businesses in the orlando area. >> it's a huge part of our economy and continuing to support, not just disney, but the whole tourism industry. >> reporter: and in the last year, disney continued to expand. breaking ground on yet another hotel, the art of animation resort, along with bringing the disney dream cruise ship to central florida and they began an overhaul of downtown disney. and a big surprise to local schools, an unexpected $290,000 donation. >> we had no idea and we just can't thank walt disney world enough for the support of children in central florida, and what they do for the economy of central florida. >> all right that was wftv's steve barrett reporting. >> and that is the news for this half hour. and of course don't miss updates on facebook, check us out anytime at >> don't forget about our tweets on twitter. hey, take a look at that. >> oh, look it. we look good. >> did you get me that necklace?
3:58 am
the diamonds, that's nice. >> i got it at costco for you. >> along with the dress. where did you get your outfit? >> no comment. ♪ welcome home! you've served your country. and now that you've completed your service... you've g lots opportunities foyour future. but health comes first. sign up for healthcare at your nearesva. or are you thinking about a job or school? ththe g.i. bill can help pay for college and va's jobob assistance can prepe you for a careerer. want to o buy a house? see if you qualify for a zero-down vava home loan itit's your va,, take advantage of your benefits. [ male announcer ] find out more at
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